Contribute Photos Activity

What will I be doing?

For this activity, you can upload your photos and related release documents to provide the LDS Church and its members the right to use your pictures. Your photos will be reviewed for possible inclusion in an online library. If accepted, your photos could be used in Church magazines, brochures, posters, blogs, videos, and websites and in members' blogs, lessons, websites, videos, and other media.

How will my service make a difference?

As a world-wide organization it is important for the LDS Church to represent all cultures and countries. Your submissions will allow the Church and its members to share experiences through creative works and provide a large library of resources that will enrich Church content.

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Why are photos being submitted?
There is a constant need for new, fresh photos to be used in Church publications. The images will become part of the LDS Media Library—a collection of images to be used by Church designers (in Church publications) and members (in lessons, websites, blog posts, etc).
Do I have to be a member of the Church in order to submit photos?
No. Anyone can submit photos. An LDS Account is required to participate, however, you do not need to be a member to register for an LDS Account.
What image formats and resolutions are accepted?
Images should be .jpg format, with a minimum resolution of 900x900 pixels. Please submit the highest resolution available.
When is a location release necessary?
When a photo is taken of privately owned property, and the property can be seen clearly in the photo, a location release is required. Church owned chapels and temples do not require a location release. For other church properties, please speak to the manager of the site.
When is a participant release necessary?
When a person in a photo can be seen clearly, a participant release is necessary. If the person in the photo is under 18 years old, the participant release must be signed by a parent.
Can I submit a photo without a participant release if the person in the photo cannot sign their name for some reason?
No. You must have a release from every person. If you have a situation like this, please contact so we can help you resolve it. If you have no other option, explain the form to the person, and have him or her put a mark on the release to indicate their acceptance. Be sure to notify us when you submit the release in that way.
If I am in my own photo, should I sign my own participant release?
How do I submit a release?
Scan (or take a photo of) the signed document and upload it. Be sure to include the file names of the photos the release applies to.
Will I still retain my copyright to the photos I submit?
Yes. You give the Church an unlimited license to use the photos and to share them with other Church members, but you keep the copyright to the photos and can do with them what you want. The only restriction is that you cannot give an exclusive license to the photo to someone in a way that limits the rights of the Church to use the photos. Church members will be able to use the photos for non-commercial, sharing the gospel purposes.
Can I still submit photos if I am not the photographer, but I have been given the copyright to the photos?
Yes. If you are the copyright owner, you may submit your photos. However, we cannot use photos of families in a photo studio setting.
How often can I submit photos?
You can submit photos as often as you’d like.
How many can I submit per day?
There is no limit to how many photos you can submit per day. If you have hundreds of photos to submit, please contact
Why are my photos rejected?
To be accepted, submitted images should meet the Church’s needs and standards. Generally, photos are declined because of poor quality (out of focus, poor lighting, subject is too small in picture) or because they do not reflect Church standards and values. Images may also be rejected if they do not fill a need—for example, there are already many landscape, sunset, and flower images, as well as images of the Salt Lake Temple. If your photos are not selected, do not take it personally. Feel free to submit other high-quality photos.
Can I be notified when my pictures are used?
Currently there is not a way to know where or how your photos are used.
At first I saw my submissions in the “Submitted Items” tab--why have they disappeared?
The “Photo Gallery” and “Submitted Items” sections within The Vineyard only show photos submitted in the past 60 days. If a photo submission disappears from that area, it does not mean it has been rejected.
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