Translate Documents Activity

What will I be doing?

You will be using the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform to work with other volunteers to translate Church content into your language. You will be presented with English content and asked to either vote on translations by other volunteers or write your own translation.

How will my service make a difference?

Your service in this activity will help translated Church publications become available at an increased rate world-wide and assist in moving the work of the Church forward.

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I know another language but don't feel advanced enough to provide translations. Can I help?
Yes! If you are not comfortable providing translations, you can still contribute by voting on translations provided by other volunteers. Every translation needs two votes before it is considered a final translation.
Do I have to be a native speaker to participate in the translation activity?
No. We can use volunteers with varying levels of language experience. Some volunteers may just vote on translations or suggest alternatives. Translation projects are categorized according to difficulty level.
Where can I find more information about translation instructions and resources?
See the LDS Community Translation Page at